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What to Expect

Regular Contact

As a coach I care very deeply about all of my students and I love playing my role in their success! For this reason I give my students my personal contact details so we can stay in touch between lessons. I don't want to wait until our next lesson to hear about your new best round, or a difficult practice session, I want to know when it happens. This allows me to provide you with extra support, and increase your rate of development.


State of the art technology

All of my lessons include analysis from the incredibly powerful Trackman Radar technology. Trackman are the industry leaders for launch monitor technology with over 1000 tour players worldwide using Trackman to develop their talent. In our lessons the use of trackman allows us to analyse your swing and ball flight with extreme precision, and make data led improvements.


Extensive Knowledge

To become a PGA Professional, I completed a degree at the University of Birmingham in Applied Golf Management Studies BSc. This provided me with an incredible foundation of knowledge from which I have further developed since graduating. Further studying through the Titleist Performance Institute, Trackman University, Hackmotion and regular contact with other teaching professionals has meant my knowledge has kept up to speed with the latest advancements in teaching practices.

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